Harrisburg Bible Baptist

Harrisburg, Illinois


Prayer List

Hazel Bradley

Kim & Jesse Isaac

Janette MacDonald
Norma Woolard
The Lost & Dying
Brother Bob & Sue Jones
Frank Forester
Louise McClusky
Asa Mark Bratsher
Josh McClusky
Sam Stricklin
Mike & Beverly Creiglow
Our Military Men & Women
John Carlisle & Family
Carolyn Curtis
Nathan Radford
Homer Crane
Alex & Alicia
Sheridan & Anita Stanton
Brother Ronnie Wolfe
The President
Logan Wayne Hart's Family
Justin & Angie Reinhardt
Evelyn Fitts
Mildred Wathen
Ben Donley
Aprils Shelton
Anne Craig
Dorothy Loy
Brother James Rockett
Lighthouse Baptist Church
Southside Baptist Church
Baptist Faith Missionaries
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